Improvement Student’s Posing Question Skills in Biology Using Guided Inquiry Learning at Class XI MIA 3 of SMA Negeri 2 Surakarta

Desi Ardika Tamala, Murni Ramli, Nurmiyati Nurmiyati, Joko Ariyanto, Sajidan Sajidan, Sri Widoretno, Joko Ariyanto, Ahmad Efendi


The aim of this research was to improve the questioning skills of student using guided inquiry on reproductive system at class XI MIA 3 SMA Negeri 2 Surakarta. The research was classroom action research that consist of 3 cycles during March until May. Data was collected through observation, interviews, and documentation. Validation was done by triangulation method and data analyze was describe qualitatively. The result of the research shows that the learning model significantly increased the posing question skills of student. Posing question skills of student was measured by mapping the quantity of questions that student asked during the learning process. The quality of questions was determined based of revised Bloom Taxonomy. Quantity of student’s question at cycle I, II, and III respectively was 275, 159, and 199 questions. Quality of student’s question at cycle I, II, and III was identified at cognitive process dimension C1 until C6 of factual, conceptual, procedural, and metacognitive knowledge dimension. Student’s question was still categorized in low order thinking skill (C1 and C2). However, during the cycle a few HOTS’s questions (C3, C4, C5, C6) were also identified. Most of the questions were factual, conceptual, and procedural of Bloom’s cognitive process dimension.

Keywords: guided inquiry model, questioning skill, biology SMA

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