Enhancing The Quantity And Quality Of Students’ Question through Discovery Learning in Biology at Grade XI MIPA 4 of SMA N 7 Surakarta

Aulia Nur Rahmawati, Sri Widoretno, Suciati Sudarisman, Sajidan Sajidan, Murni Ramli, Joko Ariyanto


The research aims to enhance quantity and quality of students’ question through discovery learning in biology at Grade XI MIPA 4 of SMA N 7 Surakarta. The research was four-cycles action research which consisting of planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The subject of research was the students at Grade XI MIPA 4 of SMA N 7 Surakarta in academic year 2014/2015, consisting of 31 students. Data were collected through observation, interview, and video recording. Data were validated using triangulation methods. Quality of questions was analyzed using revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. The result of the research are: 1) discovery learning effectively increased the quantity of students’ questions; 2) discovery learning enhanced the quality of students’ question. The quantity of students’ question in pre-cycle was 132 questions, however the quality was low (C1 - C2) at factual, conceptual, and procedural dimension. After the last cycle, the number of question became 193 (increased 46.21%), and the quality were classsified as high order thinking question (C4 - C5) at whole categories of the knowledge dimension.

Keywords: discovery learning, quantity and quality, questions

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