Development of Ecosystem Learning Tools with Contextual Multimedia Assisted Guided Inquiry Method for Developing Scientific Work Skill and Learning Outcome of Student

Diyah Ayu Widyaningrum


The purpose of this study was to (1) produce a learning instrument for ecosystem developed based on guided inquiry method with contextual multimedia-assisted for worthy life of teachers and students; (2) determine the level of effectiveness of the tools on the scientific work skills and learning outcomes of students of Grade 7 of SMP Negeri 26 Malang. The instrument consists of a syllabus, lesson plans, worksheets, media, and assessment. The composing of learning tools followed the model of the 4D development by Thiagarajan (1974). 4D model has four stages, i.e. define, design, develop, and disseminate, while the research was limited to the stage develop. Ecosystem learning instrument was validated in two stages, namely through an expert validation and implementation of test development. Test development was done in a simulation class (class VIII) and in the actual class (class VII). Test development was done in class VII with activities of lesson study (LS). Result of reflection (see) of the LS stage was used for the improvement of learning. Based on the validation and test results, the development of category learning has a very decent and effective to improve scientific work skills and student learning outcomes

Keywords:  Learning Instrument, Guided Inquiry, Contextual Multimedia, Scientific Work Skills, Learning Outcomes.

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