Distribusi dan Keragaman Spesies Burung Sebaran Terbatas di Taman Nasional Alas Purwo, Jawa Timur

W Widodo


Alas Purwo is one of the area of lowland forest as habitat of restricted-range birds species and vulnerable in the south eastern coastal region of Java Island. The research target was done to assist the party of organizer of gauze of Alas Purwo National Park in order to anticipating to the fore especially in striving protection of restricted-range birds species  in order not  to be happened by the function loss and its role. Others also know the status nowadays and distribution of restricted-range birds species, because in this time still data less and its information. The research was done during 18 to 31 May, 2015. The IPA (“Index Ponctualle d’Abondance”) method was used in this research. Result of research indicated that only two bird species categorize the “vulnerable” what’s watched in research, that was Leptoptilos javanicus (RA=1.0825%) and Pavo muticus (RA=2.1651%). Four restricted-range birds species were not found, those were Spizaetus bartelsi, Charadrius Javanicus, Macronus flavicollis and Stachyris melanothorax. The mapping indicate that the habitat of field of savannah Sadengan (S8039'14.6"; E114022'16.2" and 19 m asl) representing ideal place to take a rest and for foraging of Pavo muticus and Leptoptilos javanicus. Mangrove forest of Bedul-Cungur and Segoro Anak at S8o35'35.1"- 8o36'04.5"; E114014'07.6 - 114014'58.1", and 21-24 m were also important area and representative for Leptoptilos javanicus to the natural food resources. That matter was caused by area of Segoro Anak as area of ebb and mudflat what’s a lot of their food, like fish. Progressively expand it tourism world exploiting Alas Purwo National Park as the natural beauty objects and also fauna in it, hence strive the management at a period to coming require to be improved. So, Alas Purwo National Park is not progressively loss of all their restricted-range bird species. Monitoring to status and population of restricted-range birds species and vulnerable require to be keyed up, so that Alas Purwo National Park is still potency as an important birds area, especially in the eastern of Java island.

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