Viabilitas (Ketahanan) Lactobacillus acidophilus Dalam Pakan Ayam Broiler Untuk Menghambat Penyakit Pullorum

Ida Ningrumsari


The pullorum disease is known by the name of defecating chalk or white defecation (Bacilary white Diarrchae) which causes a lot of losses for breeders, therefore conducted research with the aim to know the resilience (viability) L acidophilus in broiler chicken feed with the aim to inhibit pullorum disease. The research design uses laboratory experimental, quadratic equations and Completely Randomized Design (RAL) 1 factorial with L acidophilus concentration of 106-109. Pre-study observed the best growth curve of L acidophilus, the results showed that at 12 hours, the results of this study were used to inhibit Salmonella pullorum, while the best growth curve of S pullorum that can infect the chickens is at the age of 15 hours. For L acidophilus concentrations which can inhibit S pullorum done in vitro ie at concentration 107, LD50 Salmonella pullorum in vivo broiler on 108. Viability of L acidophilus in feed can survive above 35 days.


Viabilitas, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Pullorum

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