Kemampuan Menulis Artikel Ilmiah Mahasiswa pada Mata Kuliah Mikroteknik melalui Lesson Study

Sri Wahyuni, Eko Susetyarini, Tutut Indira Permana


This study aims to describe the implementation of lesson study in the Microtechnics course in the Biology Education Study Program FKIP UMM. This research was conducted using a descriptive approach, through Lesson Study with the plan-do-see stage. The subjects studied were 40 semester 6 (six) semester students taking Microtechnic courses. The learning model applied is Project Based Learning. The focus of this research is the ability of students to write scientific articles which include the following: Introduction which includes background, formulation of problems, related literature study; research methods; results (data and findings) and discussion; conclusion; and references. The ability of students to write a logbook is also described. Data about writing scientific articles were analyzed descriptively. The results of this study indicate that the competencies of students in writing scientific articles with 8 parameters are: 3. 3 in cycle I, and 3.5 in cycle II. the ability of students to write scientific articles in Micro-engineering courses has shown an increase from cycle I to cycle II of 0.2. 90% of students are able to write activity notes in the logbook well. Further assistance is needed so that students can write articles based on real findings to the stage of publication..


Ability to Write Scientific Articles, Lesson Study, Microtechnical Subjects

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