Pemisahan dan Identifikasi Isomer Tokotrienol dari Tokotrienol Rich Fraction (TRF)

Widiyasri Lodu, ferry fredy karwur


Palm oil is the largest agricultural product produced by Indonesia. Palm oil contains a large group of vitamin
E which are tocopherol and tocotrienol which have been widely reported their efficacy in inhibiting the growth
and development of diseases such as antioxidants, anti-cancer, cholesterol inhibitors, prevent premature aging,
and cardioprotective effects. This study aims to segregate and identify the intensity of each isomer of
Tocotrienol Rich Fraction (TRF). Segregation and identification are done through using column
chromatography, UV-visible spectrophotometer, and HPLC. The spectral pattern of TRF shows the presence
of tocotrienol isomers at wavelengths of 292-298 nm. Five spectra patterns identified with the highest intensity
were demonstrated by the γ-tocotrienol isomers at 10.86 min, δ-tocotrienol at the minute of 9.36, α-tocotrienol
at the minute of 12:42, α-tocopherol at 21.11 and α-T1 at 17.35 with 0 intensity.


Tocotrienol Rich Fraction ,column chromatography, spectrophotometer UV, high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC)

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