Pemanfaatan Sistem Informasi Geografi dalam Pengembangan Pariwisata

Riwayatiningsih Riwayatiningsih, Hartuti Purnaweni


Tourism is a prime sector that is one of the most important factors in the region development and the community
welfare improvement in a country, which has continuous expansion and diversification and become one of the
largest growth sectors in the world. Increased tourism destinations make the tourism as a key factor in revenue,
job creation, business and infrastructure development so that required more advanced planning. This tourism
planning is not intended to damage the environment but it must be planned and implemented to the environment
that supports the sustainable development. One of the technologies used in some tourism research is Geographic
Information System (GIS) technology. Utilizing GIS technology is expected to be able to analyze the spatial
aspects of an area so the existing of tourism potencies can be developed into an optimal object and tourist
attraction that can attract tourists both domestic and foreign. The aim of this article is to determine the benefits
of Geographic Information System technology in tourism development based on literature studies of previous


Geographic Information System, Sustainable Development, Tourism Development

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