Penambahan Biochar Berbasis Limbah pada Inceptisol terhadap Budidaya Tembakau (Nicotiana tabacum (L.)) Varietas Kemloko di Temanggung

Damarmoyo Sasongko Katon, Buana Susilo, Lengga Nurullah Dalimartha, Eko Chandra Wiguna, Isdiantoni Isdiantoni, Maharani Pertiwi Koentjoro, Endry Nugroho Prasetiyo


Biochar is a biological charcoal derived from incomplete combustion (pyrolysis) of agricultural residual
materials that can increase carbon sustainably, retention of water and nutrients in soil. This research aimed to
demonstrate the effect of adding biochar on inceptisol for Kemloko tobacco cultivation in Temanggung, Central
Java, Indonesia. The data analysis of this research was using Factorial Random Design with two factors
(treatment and dose). The results showed that the addition of biochar + compost increase productivity of 491.6
kg/ha comparing to the control with the higher tobacco quality. Chemical analysis of the respected soil showed
that the biochar + compost treatment increase pH level up to 5.46 with the organic matter level and total nitrogen
as well increased about 2.66% and 0.180% respectively.


biochar, tobacco of kemloko variety, temanggung, soil chemical

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