Jenis dan Morfologi Lichen Fruticose di Kawasan Hutan Sekipan Desa Kalisoro Tawangmangu Karanganyar Jawa Tengah

Efri Roziaty, Ratih Tri Utari


Sekipan Forest is a natural area forest located at the of around Mount Lawu. Forest has in Indonesia has a high diversity of plant and animal species. Sometimes the forest has a low biodiversity but high density of composition of organisms. The Sekipan Forest is located at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level. In that forest area found many plants such as fungi, mosses, and lichens (lichen). Lichen is one of cryptogamae. One of the dominant lichen found in Sekipan is fruticose lichen. Fruticose means the thalus of lichen like frayed and stringy. The study aims to : 1) identify species of lichen and 2) analyze the morphology of fruticose lichen in the Sekipan Forest. This research uses quantitative explorative method in determining the location of research. For sampling using purposive sampling method (sampling at specified place according to research purpose). Colonies of the highest species of lichen fruticose are Parmelia squarrosa species derived from the genus Parmelia and Family Parmeliaceae as much as 135 colonies. The lowest colonies of fruticose species lichen namely Physcia stellaris derived from the Physcia genus of the 18 colonies of Family Physciaceae. The thalus lichen fruticose morphology commonly encountered in the study sites is generally light green with a smooth surface structure.


Lichen, fruticose lichen, eksplorative method, purpossive method sampling, Sekipan forest

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