Penelitian Kualitatif: Kecenderungan dan Cabaran kepada Pendidikan Biologi dan Sains

Maria Salih


This paper offers several insights regarding the principles of qualitative research method, defining how it
shape the empirical process as well as knowledge acquisition in biology and science research. The first part
of the paper will briefly compare the assumptions, techniques, strengths and weaknesses of the quantitative
and qualitative research paradigms.These paradigms are examined in terms of past trends in biology and
science education research indicating a shift in approach from quantitative to qualitative over the last several
decades. The core thesis of the paper contends the emerging trends of qualitative research to advance our
understanding of what it takes to more systemically and effectively improve programs, curriculum, to
synthesize new directions for research and to communicate a straightforward and unified message about the
impact and success in Biology and Science education. To conclude, issues on the horizon that represent new
challenges, opportunities, strategies, and technologies in qualitative research will be addressed and

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