Pemanfaatan Keanekaragaman Amfibi (Ordo Anura) di Kawasan Cagar Alam Rawa Danau Serang Banten Sebagai Material Edu-Ekowisata

Suroso Mukti Leksono, Najmi Firdaus


This study aims to determine the diversity of species of Amphibians (order Anura) in the area of Rawa Danau Nature Reserve, Serang Banten, and its utilization as edu-ecotourism material. The data collection technique of Amphibian species diversity uses VES (Visual Encounter Survey) technique. The results found 7 species of Amphibians (Ordo Anura) are: Fejervarya cancrivora, Fejervarya limnocharis, Rana chalconota, Rana erythraea, Occidozyga lima, Bufo melanostictus and Bufo biporcatus. Amphibian diversity is further developed as an attraction material for edu-ecotourism in the form of Anura identification guide book intended for the general public. The introduction of biodiversity to the wider community is expected to increase public awareness of the environment.


Amphibian diversity (ordo Anura), edu-ecotourism, CA Rawa Danau

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