Intan Aulia Rakhmawati, Nugrahaning Nisa Alifia


Abstract: Mathematics in schools needs to function as a means to develop intelligence, abilities, and skills to form student personalities. Mathematics must be linked to reality, being close to the students and relevant to society in order to have a human value. However, the mathematical concepts taught are still far from the daily life of the students. At the same time, the importance of strengthening character education is needed along with the weakening of the nation’s character. Therefore, educational institutions in Indonesia can implement education based on local wisdom. Education based on local wisdom is more education based on cultural values. Character education based on local wisdom aims at introduce local culture to students. In addition, character education based on local cultural wisdom also has the goal of changing attitudes and also the existing human resource behavior in order to improve work productivity to face various challenges in the future. This type of this research is library research, which is a series of research related to lbrary data collection method, or research whose research object is explored through various library information. The data used in this research is secondary data. Secondary data sources in question are primary and original scientific books and reports contained in articles or journals concering students’ abilities in learning activities. With math-based learning local wisdom, mathematics is expected to be closer to the life of students and students also recognize the noble values of the nations’s culture an an amplifier of their character.

Keywords: Student’s Character, Local Wisdom, Mathematics.

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