Effect of multilayer structure parameters on magnetoimpedance ratio with low frequency measurements

Vina Oktaria, Candra Tirta Putra, Artono Dwijo Sutomo, Utari Utari, Budi Purnama


The magneto-impedance of the NiFe thin films is experimentally dependent on their structure. The multilayer structures of [NiFe/Cu]4 and [NiFe/Cu]2/Cu/[NiFe/Cu]2 on the meander structure PCB Cu substrate in this study were deposited using the electrodeposition method. The frequency was varied in order to determine its effect on the magneto-impedance ratio. The results of the magneto-impedance characterization measurement showed that the maximum MI ratio in the multilayer [NiFe/Cu]4 structure was 6.82% while in [NiFe/Cu]2/Cu/[NiFe/Cu]2 was 3.08% with a frequency of 100 kHz. The increase in the MI ratio in the low frequency range indicates that the MI ratio depends on the structure of the layer which is affected by the permeability of the magnetic material.


Magneto-impedance, multilayer, NiFe, electrodeposition.

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