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Find Out The Conditions To Apply For A Us Student Scholarship

by sisu kumar das (2021-03-10)

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It is no coincidence that the United States has become the country that attracts the most international students in the world. Top education, stable and developed economy have made the flag country become a "promised land" for many international students. However, to win a scholarship to study in the US, you must satisfy many conditions. In order to help you improve your chances of receiving a scholarship,  USIS Education  has synthesized all information about the conditions for applying for a scholarship to study in the US so that you can realize your "dream. My "America. Let's explore through this article!

Top education, a stable and developed economy have made the land of the flag flower become a "promised land" for many international students.

Types of scholarships to study in the US

Scholarships awarded by educational institutions or the US Government

These are always prestigious scholarships and the dream of countless candidates. Usually a full scholarship, so the competition is fierce. These scholarships often have different admission requirements and requirements. You can directly visit the website or fanpage of major scholarship programs such as Fulbright Scholarship, Hubert Humphrey Scholarship ...

Scholarships are provided by the faculty of specialization

This is the type of scholarship awarded by specialized faculties to students studying specific fields of the school such as science, environment, journalism ... The condition to receive this scholarship is that you must first be admitted. an official course in that faculty. Then, you need to be at the top of the class.

Scholarship issued by the school (no specific majors are required)

This is the most popular type of scholarship to study in the US. In fact, providing a scholarship is one of the methods for universities to attract international talent. They usually do not ask for details of the major you will be studying. You just need to receive an invitation from the school and meet a few basic requirements that you have already received a scholarship. The amount of the scholarship will be deducted directly from your tuition.

Conditions for applying for scholarships

Overall, the purpose of the scholarships is to find individuals who are motivated and have clear career goals.

Schools in the US often set a lot of standards in the selection of students to award scholarships. The criteria and weight for each criterion can be different in many schools, including the conditions for being considered for a scholarship such as:

Study score at the high school and / or university you are attending (GPA score) - GPA ≥ 3.5 (3 years).

Certificate in English: TOEFL / IELTS (IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 79SAT> = 1450), certificate SAT (SAT> = 1350) for Bachelor course or GMAT / GRE for Master course.

Awards, other certifications, scientific research, extracurricular activities ...

Overall, the purpose of the scholarships is to find individuals who are motivated and have clear career goals. Therefore, to increase your chances, you must give your own reasons for your choice:

Why choose America?

Why choose this Course?

Why choose this State / School?

Your orientation after graduation?

These questions are a guide on your scholarship hunting path. Note that answers like "My parents say that" or "This industry is easy to get a job" won't help you!

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Ways for you to apply for a scholarship to study in the US

Make a serious study plan

Having a meticulous plan to meet the requirements that each school's scholarship has announced will help you have a solid foundation to complete the path to touch your scholarship.

Planning to study is a very important job for everyone's work life as well as daily activities. Having a meticulous plan to meet the requirements that each school's scholarship has announced will help you have a solid foundation to complete the path to touch your scholarship. To be able to hunt  for a scholarship to study in the US , you need to have the following important achievements:

The GPA (GPA at high school or university) must be excellent.

The equivalent TOEFL / IELTS scores you need to achieve are: IELTS7.0 and TOEFL90. To achieve high scores, students need to know clearly the writing strategy, namely the types of questions, how to score each form, how to format wrong answers and practice the answer structure of the writing and speaking sections. many times before taking the exam.

To ensure a scholarship is in hand, students need to exceed the SAT / GRE / GMAT standards set by the schools. To exceed the benchmark, you need to pre-train skimming skills with the fastest time and remember information as efficiently and effectively as possible. At the same time, when reading, you should note the key words (keywords), strange questions to develop the answer more quickly.

In addition to the mandatory requirement of language proficiency, in order to hunt for scholarships, prospective international students need to work hard to achieve achievements in other extracurricular activities. Passion (passion, enthusiasm) and Leadership (leadership) are two factors that universities will consider when looking at students' extracurricular performance. Therefore, students should not participate rampantly in many formal activities, but should choose 2 to 3 fields that they are passionate about and willing to spend time and effort in that field.

Finally, the highlight in your scholarship application is the essay. Investing the time and effort into writing a great essay will help you get highly regarded by schools and potentially get a huge scholarship. Essays for success often tell detailed stories about a student's event, activity, or problem. However, do not fall into the water, or choose topics that are too unique, sublime, and far from reality.

Educational attainment at upper secondary level is excellent or excellent

Although it is not possible to compare education levels between countries, the academic level of American international students must reach a high level to be considered for applications and pass the application round than other full scholarship hunting applications. If you have excellent and good academic achievements at the high school level, it is easy to apply to prestigious schools in the US with low study fees and incentives for foreign students with high achievement in training programs. of them later.

Prepare to be fluent in English and achieve high scores in IELTS, TOELF

To achieve high results in the scholarship exam journey, language is one of the key and decisive factors. Take your time and focus to practice interviewing from style, dress, how to answer, to how to use words. You should take the time to participate in sharing sessions or actively search online for good interview answers to avoid making basic mistakes while promoting your own strengths. To hunt for a full scholarship when studying in the US, you need to have preparation steps since you were in middle school with a TOELF level of English above 650 points or an IELTS equivalent of 6.5.

If you want to attain an IELTS Course but are worrying about the expensive fee, you can try some student discounts from Scholarshipy.

English is the main language of communication in a modern country and has a high influence on other countries around the world. Not only used in daily communication but English in the teaching subjects is also important. Therefore, preparing to learn and practice English is never redundant for prospective international students. That is also the first step when you want to successfully hunt full scholarships in the US.

Take part in active extracurricular activities

When reviewing your application to study in the US, the admissions staff in your home country are often interested in your extracurricular activities. They pay attention to two factors: your passion and leadership in the areas where you accomplish the most. Therefore, take part in your favorite extracurricular programs that will both help you learn soft skills and create convincing your full scholarship profile.

Seek scholarships as soon as possible

Usually, the time to apply for the scholarship usually begins and ends before the application deadline.

You should not hesitate or wait until the deadline to apply is about to end to start looking for your scholarship. Usually, the time to apply for the scholarship usually begins and ends before the application deadline. So, paying attention to scholarships and deadlines will help you seize the opportunity quickly without the appearance of unintended risks.

Have knowledge of the school and its scholarships

One of the weaknesses of many students that when going to the interview is not preparing for schools and scholarships. It should be noted that the school chooses the best person, not the best. Therefore, please research carefully about the school you choose to avoid misunderstanding the basic points and at the same time look for impressive information about the school to show interest.

Choose an essay topic that is close to and practical in life

What is important is a unique and creative way of thinking about the essay that convinces the essay panel to review the essay. You should choose a normal, close-to-life essay topic and try to integrate your own opinion, logic, creativity and especially show independence and self-control unlike anyone in posts.

Know how to highlight strengths and overcome weaknesses

Although facing a fairly basic question, Vietnamese students often face many obstacles when talking about their strengths and weaknesses. Take a moment to think about your strengths, but all of the strengths that you point out should be honest and consistent with the school's requirements. With weaknesses, it is necessary to think more about how to fix it instead of focusing on saying your weaknesses.