STUDI BATIK TULIS (Kasus di Perusahaan Batik Ismoyo Dukuh Butuh Desa Gedongan Kecamatan Plupuh Kabupaten Sragen)

Encus Dyah Ayoe Moerniwati


The aims of this research are to know: (1) the establishment background of Batik Ismoyo Campany at Butuh, Gedongan, Plupuh, Sragen, (2) the making process of batik tulis in Batik Ismoyo Company, (3) the kinds of product of batik tulis produced by Batik Ismoyo company, (4) the special characteristics of batik tulis in Batik Ismoyo company, (5) the marketing system of batik tulis in Batik Ismoyo Company, (6) the positive and negative impacts that felt by people around Batik Ismoyo Company. The method used in this research is a descriptive qualitative method. The research strategy used is stake-single case study. The sources of data are informant, place and research, result of work, archives, and documents. The sampling technique is purposive sampling. The trustworthiness techniques used are triangulation and review informant. There are three main components to analyze the data; they are data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. The researcher uses four stages of the research procedures; they are preparation, field work, analysis data, and final result of the report. Based on this research, the researcher can conclude: (1) Marjiyanto motivation to improved the economic condition of his family is the background of establishment Batik Ismoyo Company. The name of Ismoyo chosen as the name of the company taken from one of the puppet characters, (2) the making process of batik tulis in Batik Ismoyo Company begins with the design, nyorek, ngengrengi, ngisen, Isen, nyolet, ngeblok, coloring and nglorod and owners directly involved in the process in order to remain control the quality of batik, (3) Products in Company Batik Ismoyo such as clothing for men and women ready to wear as well as in the form of batik cloth sheet, from fabric Primissima, dobi and silk ATBM, (4) batik tulis produced by Batik Ismoyo Company doesnt have special characteristics (5) Batik Ismoyo Company focus on marketing through an owned showroom in Central Jakarta Tamrin’s market, (6) The Company Batik Ismoyo gives positive impact to people around the company. Many people around who make membatik as a side job and the company provides opportunities to islamic elementary school to learn about membatik.


Batik Tulis, Plupuh, Sragen

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