Sigit Riyanto


This research aimed at comprehensively analize the concept ofState sovereignty and its application in thecontemporary international law. In this research the concept of State sovereignty and relevant rules of international law have been analysed accordingly Legal materials that thoroughly considered and studiedin the context of this research were relevant international rules andfacts embodied in international customs, general principles of law, international treaties, conventions, declarations anddecisions of international organisation, recommendations, guiding principles, plan ofactions, executive committee decisions,reports, academic publications, proceedings andworking papers. Legal materials obtained were classified systematically and interptreted and evaluated thouroughly The formulation concerning the the relevantfacts and international legal frameworks pertainingto the concept ofsovereignty based upon interpretationand evaluation ofthe existing legal materials. Eventually, the concept ofsovereignty in the contemporaryinternational society could berevealed accordingly. The State sovereignty isrelational and open concept;not an insular ornarrow and closed concept. Avisionary discourse isneeded to reinvent the valid interpretation ofsovereignty in the framework ofinterdependence among States in the present international system. Sovereignty shall be interpreted as responsibility ofthe national authority. In this context State as anagent and manifestation ofpeople sovereignty has the primary responsibility toprotect, respect and fulfillthe citizen rights accordingly andaccountable to the international society.

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