STRATEGI KEBERLANGSUNGAN USAHA INDUSTRI KRIPIK TEMPE (Studi Deskriptif Kualitatif Pengrajin Kripik Tempe di Desa Karangtengah Prandon Kecamatan Ngawi Kabupaten Ngawi Provinsi Jawa Timur)

Tria Ayu Mardhiani, Sudarsana Sudarsana


This research aims to describe the marketing strategy of kripik tempe industry as business continuity, to get profits and to expand the market. Theories used in this research are social action theory by Max Weber about rational action and action theory by Talcott Parson. The type of this research is descriptive qualitative. Data were taken by depth-interview, observation, and documentation methods. Moreover, this research used the purposive sampling as the technique of sampling. Besides, this research also used data triangulation of source of data and interactive model for analyzing data. The results of the research conclude that the producers of kripik tempe industry in Karangtengah Prandon Village use both production and marketing strategies for maintaining their business. In production strategy, producers have particular strategies to concern about raw materials, capital, workers, technology, and wage. The problem faced by the producers about raw material is the increasing price of the raw material itself. In general, the producers do not face the problems of capital, technology that is used, and also wage. Wages that are paid by the producers to their workers depend on how many kilograms of kripik tempe produced by the workers and the agreement between the producers and the workers about the payday. On the other hand in marketing strategy, producers determine prices, marketing place, distribution and promotion. The decision of the price is based on the raw materials that are used so that the prices of kripik tempe are different since there is no any agreement among the producers. Generally, the distribution system of kripik tempe is by placing the products in many stores as most of the producers haven’t promoted their products yet. However, in facts each of producers has their own strategies that can be manifested in the best way in order to achieve the goal. The marketing and production strategies that are used by producers should be correlated one to another as both needs to be run together. While the strategy used in the production process is used to maintain the marketing strategy of the products, the marketing strategy is used to keep the marketing process run well so does the production process.

Keywords: business continuity, production strategy, marketing strategy

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