PENGEMBANGAN KEMANDIRIAN BAGI KAUM DIFABEL (Studi Kasus pada Peran Paguyuban Sehati dalam Upaya Pengembangan Kemandirian bagi Kaum Difabel di Kabupaten Sukoharjo)

Rima Setyaningsih, Th. A. Gutama


The purpose of this research is to know the problem faced by the difabel people so that empowerment program is important to be given. Knowing the empowerment strategy which given by Sehati Association for developing the independency of difabel people especially in Sukoharjo regency is the other purpose of this research. This research use structural-fungsionalism theory by Talcott Parsons. The kind of research is qualitative research by case study approach with interview, observation, and documentation of data interpretation. The sample use purposive sampling technique. The source triangulation and interactive data analysis is used for data validity guaranty. From the result of this research, we can find that there are many problems felt by the difabel such as social, economic, psychology, culture, education, and accessibility problems. Difabel empowerment is one of the efforts of Sehati Association as organization for difabel in Sukoharjo Regency, to give a chance for them developing their self without any discrimination. The people with disabilities need to increase the quality of their self especially to break the “dependence” image to the other person. Empowerment strategy which is done by Sehati Association to increase the independency of difabel is by several programs i.e. character building, entrepreneurship, socialization, education, advocacy, participation, and economic enterprise. The result of the effect which accepted by difabel in Sukoharjo regency which is being the member of Sahati Association have experienced an increase of psychology, social, and economic aspect. The conclusion of this research is the difabel who is active to follow all of the activities of Sehati Association, grow more independence and no more depends their self on their family or others.

Key Words: Difabel, The Role of Sehati Association, Independency

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