Lilik Purnamasari, Rahesli Humsona


The purpose of this research is to know the strategy to survive a transvestite in HIWASO comunity who infected with HIV/AIDS, and to know the role of HIWASO to take care their member how infected HIV/AIDS.This research used social action theory by Max Weber that contain 4 kind of social action that is zwerk rational, werk rational, act of affection, and traditional action. The kind of this research is qualitative with case studies approachment. The data is taken with in depth interviews technique, observation, and documentation. The technique of selecting informant uses purposive sampling technique. Source triangulation is used to ensure the validity of data used triangulation source, while the analysis of the data used is an interactive model.From the results of the research, it can be concluded that survive strategy of transvestite with HIV/AIDS in HIWASO comunity is open status, motivation, and ARV therapy. Open status be the basic thing for transvestite with HIV/AIDS. In this case, more motivation that they get, more desire PLWHA can survive too. After got support, transvestite with HIV/AIDS in HIWASO get ARV therapy. That therapy must  giving to them continously till the end. As for some role that doing by HIWASO to PLWH is between: help to pay therapy, as the third person in taking some donation by some one who care, reserve some place for member of PLWH. Meanwhile  moral support is; support/motivation, as a companion for member who can’t open teir status, reserve some place if his/her family reject him/her, as the public space for the one who infected, as ARV controler, and to be an alarm for them.That survive strategy if review with social action theory it can conclude if; (1) zwerk rational: ARV therapy survive (2) werk rational; active in KDS and government support (3) act of affection; support by HIWASO and keep his/her couple after infected by HIV (4) tradisonal act; there is structure language of transvestite. About the strategy of open status, it’s not compatible if must review with sosial action theory by Weber. So in this case, the researcher expand werk rational theory by Weber to be rational awareness to review open status.Keywords : Survive Stategy, Transvestite, PLWHA

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