Reproduksi Budaya Populer Jepang (Studi Kasus Pada Visual Shock Community Solo)

RE Bhisma Wananda Prasita Wardhana


The purpose of this research is to know the process of reproduction of Japanese popular culture in Visual shock Solo Community, understanding the habitus of Japanese popular culture reproduction agency in Visual shock Community Solo, understanding the arena of reproduction of Japanese popular culture in Visual shock Community Solo and understanding the factors of reproduction of Japanese popular culture. Researchers use the theory of cultural reproduction. The theory is described by Bourdieu with the concept of habitus, capital, and arena that will form a practice that is the practice of cultural reproduction. The method used is qualitative with case study approach. Data collecting technique is done by in-depth interview and observation. Whereas sampling technique using purposive sampling. The data analysis technique used an interactive data model analysis and to test the validity of the data used source triangulation.

The results show that Japanese popular culture is able to master the Indonesian community through its manga, anime, and various Japanese cultural trinkets. Not to miss the city of Surakarta which also has Visual shock Community Solo that is a cosplay community. Visual shock Community Solo using its reproduction tools by participating in the event of cosplay competition. With the 4 elements of culture namely values, norms, symbols and habits that exist in Japanese popular culture and international cosplay community Cure World Cosplay brought by Visual shock Community. There is a cultural similarity in Visual shock Community with Cure World Cosplay but with little modification to adapt to local cultural situation in Indonesia especially Surakarta City. Reproduction of Japanese popular culture occurs due to the many Japanese cultural products in the forms of manga and anime that entered and circulated in Indonesia. It is also driven by the advancement and development of information and telecommunication technology. From their interest in Japanese popular culture they then reproduce Japanese popular culture in the form of cosplay.        

Keywords: Reproduction, Japanese Popular Culture, Community


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