PENGARUH PEMBERIAN KOMPOS DAUN JATI (Tectona grandisL.f.), ANGSANA (Pterocarpus indicus Willd.) DAN MAHONI (Swietenia mahagoni Jacq.)TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN TANAMAN CARICA (Carica pubescensLenne & K. Koch)



Angsana (Pterocarpus indicus), teak (Tectona grandis) and mahogany (Swietenia mahogany) are the dominant tree species in the campus UNS Kentingan potentially produce litter in large quantities and can be used for composting. The aims of this research wasto determine the effect of leaves compost angsana, teak and mahogany to the growth of carica.

Composting experiments on carica designed in a completely randomized design (CRD) with 3 treatments: compost leaves of teak, mahogany and angsana with 5 replicates. Observations of quantitative data in the form height, number of leaves, leaf area, index leaf area, wet weight, dry weight, chlorophyll and soil nutrient content. Data were analyzed by ANOVA and if there was significant difference between treatment groups followed by DMRT level of 95%.

The results of this study indicate that the addition of compost leaves teak, mahogany and angsana significant effect on the height increase at 3 weeks after planting, number of leaves at 12 weeks after planting and chlorophyll. While at high accreation at 6, 9 and 12 weeks after planting, wet weight, dry weight, leaf area and leaf area index was not significant.


Keywords: teak compost,mahogany compost, angsana compost, Carica pubescens, growth

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