Anisa Nur Jannah


The research was conducted in Bontang City, aimed to determine the pattern of bawis fish marketing channel, added value to the value chain network, and improvement strategies (upgrading) of Bawis fish in Bontang City. The basic method of this research is descriptive qualitative. The method of determining the location is purposive. The method of determining the sample fishermen was carried out using quota random sampling with a total of 40 respondents. The marketing flow of sea bass is done by snowball sampling. The data analysis method uses value chain analysis (value chain) Kaplinsky and Morris (2001) combined with ACIAR (2012) and value added analysis uses the Hayami method (1987). The result of the research shows that there are 4 (four) patterns of trading channel for Bawis fish in Bontang City. The biggest added value was received by the pork processing industry with the product of bawis fish chips from marketing channel I with a ratio of 58.3%. Improvement of the value chain can be done by improving the agribusiness system from upstream to downstream. The government can help by providing counseling to value chain actors so that they can carry out light processing so that the selling price of Bawis fish products will be higher. Suggestions that can be given in this study are that fishermen, wholesalers, and retailers are expected to be able to carry out minor processing of Bawis fish products in order to change the selling value of Bawis fish products, so that they can help the economy of value chain actors.

Keywords :Bawis fish, value added, upgrading value chain, value chain

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