STRATEGI PENGEMBANGAN USAHA (Studi Kasus pada Rumah Kopi Gesing Kabupaten Temanggung)

Ihsan Purwadi


Rumah Kopi Gesing is home industry of coffee processing which become a pioneer on establishment others coffee houses in Temanggung. This research aims to identify internal and external factors, to know business’s position, to formulate alternative strategies, and to choose priority of business development strategy at Rumah Kopi Gesing. The basic method used is descriptive qualitative by using primary and secondary data types. The location and key informan are determined by purposive method. Data collecting techniques are carried out b interview, observation, and recording. Data analysis methods use IFE and EFE matrix, IE matrix, SWOT matrix, and QSPM. This study shows that IFE total score is 2,822 and EFE total score is 3,423. The business’s position is in cell II by growing and developing strategies. There are 5 alternative strategies. The priority strategy is focusing in export market, and TAS score is 5,983.

Keywords: Development Strategy, Rumah Kopi Gesing, Coffee

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