Devi Aulia Setyarini


Palawija plant can be used to fulfill people’s food needs. Central Java has the fourth highest sweet potato production in Indonesia. One area in Central Java that has quite a lot of sweet potato production is Karanganyar Regency. Kelompok Wanita Tani Murakabi is a group of farm women from Karanganyar Regency who processing sweet potato into a higher selling product. Kelompok Wanita Tani Murakabi’s goal is to empower small farm women in Puntukrejo Village, Ngargoyoso District, Karanganyar Regency. This study aims to identify internal and external environmental factor of the processing sweet potatoes on the Kelompok Wanita Tani Murakabi; formulate alternative and priority strategies that will be applied in the development of the processing sweet potato on the Kelompok Wanita Tani Murakabi in Karanganyar Regency. The basic method used is descriptive analytical methods. Determination of the location of the study was conducted purposively and key informan using the method of determining expert respondents to identify critical success factors and strategic factors. The type of data used is primary data and secondary data. Data collection techniques are observation, interview, recording, and documentation. Data analysis method used; (1) SWOT analysis; (2) EFE and IFE matrix; (3) Grand Strategy Matrix; (4) QSPM. The results of the study revealed that the internal factor that became the main strength was the sweet potato processing business is an additional income for the members and that became the main weakness was an perishable product. The external factor that became main opportunity was the supply of raw materials abounded and that became major threat was losing demand/buying power of the society because Covid-19. The strategic position of the processing sweet potato on the Kelompok Wanita Tani Murakabi is in position Kuadran 1 (S-O Strategy) on the Grand Strategy matrix. The resulting alternative strategies are to improving Kelompok Wanita Tani Murakabi skills and activity in processing product, market development for processed sweet potato products, developed the sweet potato product as its special signature gift of Karanganyar Regency, and collaboration with Wisata Kampung Karet’s administrators in order to achieve a synergy to developed a mutual business. The result of the QSPM analysis are known priority strategies that can be applied in developing of processing sweet potato in Kelompok Wanita Tani Murakabi is the strategy market development for processed sweet potato products.

Keywords: KWT, Sweet Potatoes Food Process, QSPM

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