Novira Erika Putri


Abstract :This study aims to examine salt marketing channels, to know the role and function of marketing institutions, to examine the cost, profit and marketing margins, to examine marketing channels, and to analyze the most efficient marketing channels of salt in Pamekasan Regency. The research using the basic method of descriptive analysis. Research location in Pamekasan Regency because salt productivity in Pamekasan has the highest productivity in Madura. Data used primary and secondary data. To obtain the primary data used questionnaire. Number of farmers as many as 30 salt farmers. Secondary data comes from the offices or agencies concerned with the research. Data analysis uses cost analysis, profitability, marketing margin and marketing efficiency. The results showed there are three channels of marketing in salt marketing in Pamekasan Regency namely: Marketing Channel I: Farmers    Industrial. Marketing Channel II: Farmers     Wholesalers     Industry.
Marketing Channel III: Farmers       Collector Traders        Wholesalers        Industry. Percentage of marketing margin on marketing channel I is 44,83%, channel II is 42,86% and marketing channel III is 46,67%. Farmer's share in marketing channel I was 55.17%, marketing channel II was 57.14% and marketing channel III was 53.33%. Marketing channel II is the channel with the highest economic efficiency because it has the highest farmer's share which is 57.14% with marketing margin percentage of 42.86%.


Keywords: Analysis of Salt Marketing, Marketing Efficiency, Marketing, Pamekasan Regency

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