Angga Ashari Setyawan


Abstract: Soybean includes three major commodities of Indonesian food crop after rice and corn. The increase in national productivity was contributed by soybean growth in Central Java of 1.91% per year and outside Central Java at 1.58 per year. One of the producing areas of soybean in Central Java is Sragen regency. The district used for the research was sambirejo district. This research was done in Sambirejo District of Sragen Regency with the consideration of Sambirejo district. This research focus to take into account on income, profit and feasibility with reference of farming is feasible if number of R / C ratio> 1 and B / C ratio> 1.The basic method of this research was descriptive analysis. The research location was Sambirejo District of Sragen Regency. The data used are primary and secondary data. Data analysis used were (1) Analysis, Cost, Revenue, Income, and Profit to know the financial condition of farmers and to know potato cultivation business profitable or not. (2) business feasibility analysis of R / C ratio and B / C ratio to know the feasibility of soybean farming in Sambirejo District, Sragen Regency. The results showed that the explicit cost of soybean farming was ODR 2,198,053.75 and the total cost incurred was IDR 3,073,554,29, the revenue obtained by farmers was IDR 3,035,167.50, income received by soybean farmers in one season (4 months) was IDR 837.113,75 and profit of soybean farmer was IDR 38.386,79. The value of R / C ratio of soybean farming was 1.38 and this farming is feasible to cultivate. The value of B / C ratio of soybean farming is -0.01. Soybean farming in Sambirejo District of Sragen Regency is not feasible to be cultivated because of the B / C ratio <prevailing bank interest rate, -0.01 <0.07

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