Dona Arum Pratiwi


Abstract : The aim of this research are identifiying and analyzing the factors which have influence, knowing the factor that has the biggest impact and knowing the elasticity of cassava offerin Wonogiri District. The methodology that used in this thesis is descriptive method. Location decicion method in this research is purposive method which located in Wonogiri District. The kind of data that used in this research is secondary data in the form of time series data alon 17 years from 2000-2016. The results of multiple regression analysis showed that the price of cassava in year t-1,scope of cassava planting area in year t, the price of sweet potato in year t-1, the price of urea in year t and the average of rainfall in year t are collectively affected the cassava offer in Wonogiri District. The price of sweet potato of year t-1 in Wonogiri District was the most affecting factor with the standard value of regression coefficients -1,029. Short-term elasticity cassava value in year t-1 of 0,137 is inelastic. The averageof rainfall elasticity in year t of -0,066 is inelastic. Urea-elasticity price value in year t-1 of -0,136 is inelastic. Sweet potato elasticitypricevalue in year t-1 of -0,865 is inelastic. Long-term elasticity of cassava offer was not explained because the variable coefficient of cassava production on year t-1 is -0,183 does not fullfil the qualification that the magnitude of k is 0<k<1.

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