Oktika Cahyaningrum


Abstract : The purposes of the research were to analyze the factors that affect the onion demand, knowing the elasticity of demand onion, know the correlation between the onion demands at Surakarta City with the factors that influence it. The basic method is descriptive and analytical. Method of determining location is purposive in Surakarta City. The data used is secondary data time series in 1997-2016. The result of multiple regression analysis shows that the price of garlic, the price of red chili pepper, the price of cayenne pepper, the population, and income per capita has an individual effect on onion demand in Surakarta City. The price elasticity in this study cannot be determined. Cross elasticity indicates that the red onion substituted with garlic, red chili pepper, and cayenne pepper. The value of income elasticity indicates that onion is included in the normal goods category and staple goods category. The value of the Pearson correlation indicates that the price of garlic, the price of red chili pepper, and the price of cayenne pepper variables have a strong enough relationship with onion demand in Surakarta City.

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