Laila Sedyawati


Abstract :This study aims to determine and analyze (1)the marketing channels and agencies, (2) the costs, benefits and marketing margins, (3) the most efficient channel marketing of grass jelly of Karangtengahin the regency of Wonogiri. The research method is using descriptive analytic. The method to choice the place in the reseach has purposive method. The farmers sampling has porposinal random sampling and agencie or marketing has snowball sampling. Analysis data that are used are (1) analysisof the farming work, (2) analysis of the channel and marketing agencies (3)analysis of cost, profit and marketing margin  of grass jelly (4)analysis of the effeciency of grass jelly  marketing channel economically.The results show that grass jelly that is marketed is dry and has two forms namely stem of grass jelly and grass jelly dried leaves.(1) Grass jelly marketing channels in which both stems and grass jelly dried leaves have four marketing channels with marketing merchantsagencieswho are collectors and wholesalers. (2) Based on the results of marketing channel I, stems have total marketing costs Rp. 5500, a profit of Rp 7,500 and marketing margins. 13,000. Marketing channel II stems of grass jelly total marketing costs Rp 2.400, a profit Rp. 600 and Rp.3.000 marketing margin and.Marketing channels III stems have a total cost of Rp. 4940, a profit of Rp. 5.650 and marketing margin Rp.10.600. Marketing channel IV stems have a total cost of Rp. 2225, a profit of Rp 575 and marketing margins. 2,800. Marketing channels Iof grass jelly leaves has  total cost of Ro. 5650, a profit of Rp. Rp 7,350 and marketing margins. 13,000. Marketing channels leaves of grass jelly II a total cost of Rp. 2650, a profit of Rp. Rp.2.650 and marketing margins Rp. 5000. Marketing channels leaf of III with a total cost of Rp. 5950, a profit of Rp. 10,450 and Rp marketing margin. 16,400. While marketing channels IV grass jellyleaves  has a total cost of Rp. 2225, a profit of Rp. 5.575 and marketing margins Rp. 6.800.(3) The most efficient marketing channel for the stems is marketing channels IV and for the grass jelly leaves is marketing channel II. Suggestions for grass jelly farmers to actively search for grass jelly price information, while traders of grass jelly, to improve the communication with farmers about prices of the grass jelly and for the government, to improve the infrastructure in which to support marketing activities of grass jelly.

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